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New hardware makes virtual reality games smoother and more life-like as popularity skyrockets for the technique of transporting a user into different worlds


“I’m an immigrant here, but the funny thing is I never felt like an immigrant”

said Pramod Sharma, an immigrant from India who co-founded a start-up called Osmo. Located in northern California, Silicon Valley is a melting-pot of different cultures, languages northern California, Silicon Valley is a melting-pot of different cultures, languagesmore...Show less

We’re always striving to get diversity from a cultural background”

“What’s important is 'What’s your idea? What’s your thought process?',” Sharma said “Coding — you can think of it as communication between machine and you.”more...Show less


Child's play

To play Osmo’s coding toy, children need to put commands together with physical blocks in front of an iPad. The camera on the iPad reads the instructions from the blocks which tell an animated creaturemore...Show less

Hayley Chu and her brother are testing the toy.

“There was no instruction manual that they read, they just went right in and started playing with it,” said the children’s mother, Rochelle Chu. “It’s good because it introduces it to them in a very friendly waymore...Show less

International appeal

He said Osmo's coding toy will have global appeal because learning how to communicate with a computer transcends differences in language and culture. The language of technology and computermore...Show less


Executing Ideas Key to Successful Silicon Valley Start-Up

Silicon Valley in California is a unique place known for high-tech companies and entrepreneurs that are on the cutting edge of technological innovation. While tech companies are constantly being createdmore...Show less

Improving air quality

The Silicon Valley is a unique place where some of the brightest people from around the world work and try their hand at entrepreneurship, even if it means starting out in a garage.more...Show less

Journey to entrepreneurship

His solution is the company Wynd. His team includes many former M.I.T. students who spent almost two years engineering the Wynd air purifier. They also invented a portable sensor to monitor air qualitymore...Show less